Asia Pacific / Middle East Headquarters

We are a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, and share its global commitment to using technology and engineering to be a leading producer of quality engine & generator set products. We are committed to earning the trust of our customers by offering an experience of reliability. Working closely with our broad network of advanced partners, we diligently apply our expert approach to creating excellent products, and practical solutions. Using the power of collaboration to help support sustainable societies.

Our brand is powered by the following four values;

  • Brand Reliability
  • Product Quality
  • Advanced Partnerships
  • A Global Reach
This is what it takes to move the world forward.

Our past and future

Our ambition

At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, we bring people, businesses and ideas together as one, to pave the way to a future of shared success.

Our heritage

Follow MHI’s roots dating all the way back to 1884 and see how the company has grown along with the modernization of Japan and the world.

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MHI Group

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group is a global leader in engineering and manufacturing. With more than 80.000 employees working in over 300 companies worldwide.