Our Group Statement

At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, we channel big thinking into solutions that move the world forward – advancing the lives of everyone who shares our planet.

By bringing people and ideas together as one, we continue to pave the way to a future of shared success.

Passionately finding new, simpler and sustainable ways to power our cities, improve infrastructure, innovate manufacturing and connect people and businesses around the globe with ever-increasing speed and efficiency.

This is the power of true harmony.
This is what moving the world forward is all about.
This is today’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group.

Our Principles

All MHI Group companies share one common philosophy that continues to underlie tour activities, even after more than 130 years. That shared philosophy is encapsulated in a creed articulated by the fourth president of the Mitsubishi organization, Koyata Iwasaki, in the 1930s. Today this philosophy is referred to as the “Three Principles” (called “Sankoryo” in Japanese). Although more than 80 years have passed since the philosophy was codified, the spirit and values of Sankoryo remain alive and current today in MHI Group companies, both in their business dealings and their activities aimed to help society.

  • We deliver reliable and innovative solutions that make a lasting difference to customers and communities worldwide.
  • We act with integrity and fairness, always respecting others.
  • We constantly strive for excellence in our operations and technology, building on a wide global outlook and deep local knowledge.

Our Mission

Powering the future with trusted technology.

Our Vision

To be the leader of power generation transition to achieve a greener future.

Our Values

Motivation – Sense of belonging and recognition
Harmony – Embrace a cultural diversity workplace
Innovation – Utilizing skills and knowledge to enhance company performance
Ethical – Be fair and honest in whatever we do
Strive for Excellence – Continuously challenge our best result
Agility – Be swift and decisive