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We have experience with providing power security to a wide range of applications. From inland shipping to critical power for data centre, and continuous decentralised power plants. 


Giving that agriculture always in rural areas, it always turn to different power sources other than power grid. The power demand is to maintain daily activities of keeping livestock, poultry, watering system and so on. A reliable power source will help the farmers maintain their businesses.

Commercial & municipal buildings

With our wide range of generator sets, we are the driving force behind all manner of utility and safety systems in commercial buildings. Be it power for emergency firefighting systems, elevators or even ventilation systems, Mitsubishi generator series are installed in various buildings going as hotels, shopping malls, airports and banks across the globe.


Power sources are seldom available on a construction site, as the power station connecting with grid are not ready, let it be the urban or rural areas. Mitsubishi Generator Series are able to function, supplying non-stop power and maintaining high performance to support the project require continuous power supply with our partners.

Data Center

Generator Sets for data center are aimed to provide redundant and reliable power source. It is to ensure the data center remains uptime with no interruption even under unexpected power outage and during critical operation to secure the valuable data safe condition. 

Distributed power

Providing power solution and reliable generator set running continuously, to work as a small scale power plant as known as “Independent Power Plant” for remote location not connected to the gird, such as rural areas or on islands.


Power and speed are what matter to ferry operator. Our engines are able to meet both with high reliability. Our engines have proved the performance can meet customer’s expectation and beyond. Our engines have been equipped in ferries across different countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam and so on.


From traditional to innovative and advance fishing boat, we power them all. For many years, our propulsion and auxiliary engines are preferred not only for their reliability and durability, but also ease of maintenance, therefore minimize downtime benefited from our mechanical fuel system.


Power are crucial for emergency function and critical operation to prevent any shortcoming, with the highest risk in referring to patient. By providing the right power solution is to maintain patient safety and comfort, with no interruption over utilities.

Landing Craft Tank (LCT)

LCTs must meet high demands in reliability and to ensure a timely shipment. Our engines are durable to meet what LCTs are required. In case of emergency, our engines are reliable and will be ready for use at all times under various operating condition of the vessel.


Factories, plant and warehouses require power to have them operate smoothly. Not to mention, some of them operate in full automation and running 24hours for their production. A reliable back up power source will solve the problem and will provide a certain guaranteed


Tankers must meet high demands in reliability, ensuring a timely shipment and safety on-board. In case of emergency, our engines are reliable and will be ready for use at all times under various operating condition of the vessel. They can be started immediately and automatically in the event of a main power failure.


Being one of the most preferable engine makers, we have supplied a large number of engines to our customers in tug and barge market in Southeast Asia. We have excellent track record in supplying engines to various sizes of tugs depending on customer request. We have proven our engine is suitable for tugboat due