Diesel Generator Sets MGS2500R


General information

The MGS are designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine System Asia (MHIES-A), following Japanese refined standards. These generator sets are manufactured complying to the highest quality standards (ISO 9001:2015), in Singapore and Vietnam. MGS is offered through various combinations and additional options for customization and fine tuning for any technical specification and requirements to meet your needs. The durability and reliability of our generator sets make it suitable for all kinds of applications such as: construction, healthcare, commercial municipal buildings, industrial usage, independent power plants, agriculture, and factories. The rating definitions are compliant with ISO8528-1 from Emergency Standby Power (ESP), Prime Rated Power (PRP), and Continuous Operating Power (COP).


  • Mitsubishi made premium product
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Reliable and high quality
  • Robust performance
Generator set modelMGS2500R
Generator voltage (V)380
Frequency (Hz)50
Generator output (kVA)1900
Generator output (kW)1520
Rating PrimeContinuous (COP)
Average load factor for 24hMaximum 100%
OverloadNot available
Installation locationIndoor
Engine modelS16R2-PTA
Engine speed (rpm)1500
Engine brake output (kWm)1680
Turbocharged4 cycle, direct injection, turbocharged with air cooler
GovernorDigital Electrical type
Cooling methodCentrifugal type driven by engine
Starting methodStarter motor capacity : 7.5kW x 2 (DC24V)
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