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The S6R-T2MPTK2 engine is designed and built in Japan. From the combustion chamber design to the fuel injection technology, to the turbocharger and the advanced cooling system. Everything has been perfectly balanced to provide highly reliable operation, optimum fuel consumption and minimized installation footprint. Utilizing a long-stroke block with in-house MHI turbocharger technology, we have managed to maintain the footprint of our lower output engines, while substantially increasing the power output. Its maintenance is easy as each cylinder has its own cylinder head. We offer a complete package, including a built-up heat exchanger, a seawater pump and panels for a compact design, ensuring easy installation and maintenance.


Reliable and durable
Compact in size


  • Ferry
  • work boat
  • tugboat etc.
ApplicationPropulsion/Auxiliary Generator
Cylinder configuration6 in-line
Total displacement (l)24.5
Bore x stroke (mm)170 x 180
Flywheel and housingSAE 18/SAE No.0
Compression ratio14.5:1
Dry weight (kg)2950
Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)2122 x 1201.5 x 1615
Method of operation4-cycle, water cooled, diesel engine, direct-injection,turbocharged with air-cooler
Cooling methodEngine coolant: Indirect cooling by sea waterIntake air: Direct cooling by sea water
Rating Output (kW) Output (bhp) Engine speed (rpm) Emissions
B rating 691 939 1696 Tier II
C rating 610 829 1637 Tier II
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