Spare Parts: Terms and Conditions

i.  All confirmation of sales must be checked and discrepancy be reported immediately within the next working day.

ii. MHIESA reserves the right to request for deposits upon order processing as and when deemed fit.

iii. MHIESA reserves the right not to accept any order cancellation(s) due to whatever reasons or circumstances the BUYER(S) may have to cancel orders and the deposits may be forfeited on a case-to-case basis. In case where cancellation is accepted, 20% of the total sales amount of the items shall be charged, otherwise 100% if the parts are specially indented and not divertable.

iv. Delivery lead-time indicated are estimates only and subject to changes from suppliers and principal. Under no circumstances shall MHIESA be liable or responsible for any loss(es) thereof or late penalty charge or any additional expenses incurred attributed by the delays which are not within our control.

v. Goods sold are “Non-Returnable” nor “Refundable” unless the error lies with MHIESA.

vi. As goods supplied are on “Ex-warehouse”, FOB or C&F or unless specified in writing, any “Missing” or “Damaged” items during the transition from Singapore and exported to “BUYERS” site should be insured and taken up by the “BUYER” themselves. The SELLER,”MHIESA” in this case shall not be liable & responsible to replace the “MISSING” or “DAMAGED” items unconditionally.

vii. Parts price are ex-warehouse prices.

viii. Any incidental charges such as legalization, application for CO and fumigation etc, shall be billed at costs accordingly in each invoice. Legalization and all forms of certification by trade consulate or embassies must be informed to MHIESA in advance at the point of ordering.

ix. All prevailing rate of GST will be applicable for sales transaction except for export.

x. Where the ordered parts happened to be out of stock, substitute parts (interchangeable parts) will be supplied.

xi. In case ordered parts and substitute parts have stopped production/supply, MHIESA reserves the rights to decline your order for the part.

xii. Minimum order quantity shall apply where applicable.

xiii. All bank charges for the transfer of funds inside and outside Singapore are under buyer/payer/remitter’s account, please indicate this in your T/T application form and inform your bank.

xiv. MHIESA need to receive full invoice value before cargoes collection unless otherwise advised.

xv. The parts hereof shall be used for civil purposes and never be used directly or indirectly for Military application and purposes or for the design, development, manufacture, use or storage for any weapons of mass destruction (“WMD”) including without limitation, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons and WMD delivery such as missiles or any nuclear explosive activities, nuclear fuel-cycle activities, and/or heavy water production which is not covered By IAEA safeguards.

xvi. The parts hereof shall not be sold, export, re-export, lease, furnish or dispose to any countries, areas, companies, entities, individuals or intermediary that are under sanctions by the United States, including but not limited to the Export Administration Regulations, the European Unions or the Security Council of the United Nations or from time to time designated by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan(“METI”) to be countries of concerns regarding WMD proliferation or to any person or entity, wherever located, who presents an unacceptable risk of military application or proliferation of WMD.

xvii. The Extended price stated above, has been rounded off to the nearest whole number. Therefore the value of the unit sale price when multiplied with quantity may vary with the extended price (amount) stated above.